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As one of the most prosperous business districts in chengdu, there is a large flow of people here. In the early planning of the plan to consider how to let guests stay and stay in the store, in the design is one of the key considerations. This focus and the owner of the in-depth communication, in the early design of the program to achieve unity, and solve this problem. In the early stage of planning and design, the entrance direction was determined after careful consideration of the trend of the crowd by combining the advantages and disadvantages of the store in the location of the mall. The display adopts the way of opening and violating the law to guide the flow of people to the maximum extent. Considering that the store is surrounded by four islands and the area is scarce, it needs two fitting rooms and a cashier. In order to save space as much as possible and meet the requirements of display, so on the display pole layout: the periphery adopts the way of breaking and fixing for uninterrupted layout; The internal space adopts flexible display mode of activities.


Decoration material in the space of whole is given priority to with gray body material selection of stainless steel and glass combination, give people a strong visual impact, but in the entire outer space USES the terrazzo platform, and embedded platform of LDE lamp with not only increased the visual generation into the feeling, and with the cooperation of stainless steel and mirror, and instead created a kind of quiet beauty of the fashion, a kind of extremely brief but not simple design interpretation of incisively and vividly.



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